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Roman florence

Imagine Florence filled with Romans in togas, visiting the Roman Forum, bathing to the thermal baths, watching plays in the theater or gladiatorial combats in the Amphitheater. Cages full of lions and other exotic animals awaiting their turn in the coliseum. Such a city exists under the cobble stone streets of Florence. This Roman city of Fiorentina, established by Julius Cesar in 59 BC, served as an agricultural base to reward his soldiers. Much of the evidence of this fascinating time period has been uncovered by archeological excavations, and it is still possible to see the remains of this civilization in the street plan and architecture of the city.  Take a walk back in time and experience life in the Roman city of Fiorentina.


the medici women

Many legends swirl around the the House of the Medici that have fostered historically-romanticized literature and movies.  We see the super-human images of Medician domination, from the fostering of great works during the Renaissance to the scandals and murders that occurred during their long reign. Who were the mothers, wives, and lovers of these famous men?  They say “behind every successful man there is a woman” and it was certainly true of the Medicis.  Come meet these influential women of the Medici Dynasty.


The dark period of the tower houses

“Dove c’è una torre c’è una memoria di Guerra…"

Where there is a tower there is a memory of war...

Although the period of the XIII Century was an extremely prosperous time for the city of Florence, with commercial relations flourishing between the major countries of the East and the West, it was also a time of intense conflict between two warring factions, the Guelphs (supporters of the Pope) and the Ghibellines (supporters of the German Emperor). It was a war that intruded the city itself.  These towers, built as a symbol of the economic power of these families, became the walls of defense from their enemies.  Step back into the Dark Period when Florence was called the Tower City and explore a life of constant danger and conflict.